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Simple Online Booking Options


You can now request an appointment directly via the Smartscheduling link in the header page above

or just click below this paragraph to contact us. You can also just call or email to check availability then just come back here within 24hrs* and use the cashless deposit or promo options below. (Otherwise the appointment may be released). Free Skin tests are also required for 1st time colours.

Step 1

– Call to make appointment

Step 2

– Pay Deposit Below (or in full) *Optional for regular clients

Step 3

– Booking Confirmed by System

This ensures adequate time is allocated to match your specific circumstances and helps keep us cashless during Covid.

Deposit, Gift Card and Promotion Options

(If you don’t see your desired option just select from the ‘Category’ or ‘Sort by’ box for more options.)

If using a Promo Code, please be aware that we are aware of a system issue where the discount value may differ to that advertised. This will not affect your entitlement and will be adjusted on the day to the correct value.

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